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Specialized in software dev and entrepreneurial business. Download my music for free. Network with me and lets get to work!

Software Programming

As an entrepreneur, I do custom web & app development for businesses, artists, non-profits, and exciting projects.

Web Dev

Need a website that's more than just a landing page? I focus on creative and efficient web app dev projects. See my portfolio below.


As an avid music lover, I also produce electronic music and release it for free on Soundcloud.

My Software Portfolio

Projects with simple, elegant, and efficient solutions. I have worked on SCPlanner code, Logical Clocks distributed file system (HopsFS), and at NetApp. Check out my GitHub for more!

Get bored with games fast? Geonauts is a FAST-ACTION space adventure. A classic side-scroller with an upgrade shop to improve combat capabilities!
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JavaScript Dashboard Template
Angular Material Dashboard - admin template for creating dashboard-styled web apps using Google Material Design, Bootstrap 3, and Meteor.
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Chosen Masters
Professional mastering software designed to take your sound to the next level.
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Original Music

These tracks were produced by Mystec aka Joel (me) using Ableton Live and instruments. All of them are available for free download!

Mystec ft. Black Eyed Peas
My Humps [Bootleg Remix]

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Mystec ft. Black Eyed Peas - My Humps [Bootleg Future Remix]

DOWNLOAD for FREE on The Artist Union - A fresh remix of the Black Eyed Peas that's ready to be mixed into any club or party set!

Free Download

Glad You Could Drop In

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Mystec - Glad You Could Drop In

Fresh Techno track inspired from my move to Berlin. Sylvester Stallone (vocal edits) is glad you could drop in and listen!

Free Download

Kuze's Dream

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Mystec - Kuze's Dream

DOWNLOAD for FREE on Artist Engine!

New Techno track inspired from the movie "Ghost In The Shell". Art is from Pernie Paints.

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Are you an artist?

Mastering your music is a critical step before releasing your sound to the world! is a new startup that specializes in mastering music with special algorithms to determine the best sound. Upload today and use the coupon code NEWTUNES for 10% off!